About Urban Haze

Over 20 years in the making…..

About Urban Haze

Urban Haze was formed in 2010, it came from corporate blue-chip quality standards that are now embedded into our very DNA, and are now re-used to work equally well helping all clients of any business size.

Over the years, the company has grown steadily, carefully choosing trusted partners to work with to provide the highest quality of online marketing and related services.

In 2020, mid-Coranavirus (!) we incorporated and VAT registered.

Whilst the core of Urban Haze services remain websites, online marketing and IT services, we have also expanded into offering digital photography, videography, digital print, logo design and branding.

The company’s portfolio of work and variety of services continues to expand with the idea being to provide a one-stop-shop for any client’s Online Marketing, Design and IT needs.

About Nick Watts

Founder & Managing Director

Nick originally came from an IT support background and started working in the online industry in 1996 and, for 14 years was lucky enough to work with and be trained by some of the biggest corporate blue-chip companies in the World.

Gaining corporate experience and learning professional industry techniques that have been the foundation of Urban Haze, and being able to share those skills with its clients.

Nick’s area of expertise is getting to understand business needs and bringing the right technical solution

When not working at Urban Haze, Nick runs community website inSaddleworth with Stuart, he also chairs Uppermill’s Community Association as well as runs the village’s Facebook Group for some 15,000+ members.


About Stuart Coleman

Creative Director

After working as a trusted supplier with Urban Haze for five years, Stuart appeared so regularly on our projects, it made sense to bring him onboard as a permanent member of the team.

Stuart brings over twenty years of professional, commercial photography experience to the business as well as a keen eye for the creative side of things.

Stuart’s commercial experience ensures that Urban Haze continues to provide high standards in everything creative they do and every job has careful consideration to make sure it’s being done the right way in the best business interests of the client.

 When not working at Urban Haze, Stuart runs community websites and Facebook groups and helps organise community events such as the Diggle Blues Festival and the village Christmas lights. He is also resident photographer and art exhibition organiser at the Millgate Arts Centre. 

Away from work and family, Stuart purses his lifelong passion for photography. His personal work can be viewed at TTF Photography.

A Different Way of Thinking

What this has all lead up to is a tried and tested methodology that’s proven over the years to deliver results time and time again to make our clients successful online.

This is something unique to Urban Haze and if you ask other agencies for their methodology you’ll find they either don’t have one or just can’t provide the same comprehensive end-to-end solution that we do.

There’s no secrets here – it’s just built with experience and expertise and investment into our own business so that the very best proven solutions are chosen to deliver what your business needs.