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Lead Generation

It goes without saying that after “more sales“, “more leads” is probably what any business would ask for next!  And a good business website is one of the most powerful tools in anyone’s collection to generate those leads.

It’s a little known fact that less than 5% of people visiting any web site will be immediately ready to make the instant decision that they’re about to buy – so capturing lead details from the remaining 95% maximises the chance for a business to re-market to them and gives the audience a chance to find out more and get closer to the buying decision.

Think about your own experiences of shopping for anything online, it’s unlikely that anyone who has a need for something just buys it from the very first website they click on (unless it’s Amazon!).  Making a decision to buy anything online or even make the step of getting in touch is nearly always preceded with a research process, gathering information from different sources and getting a feel for which ones seem trustworthy.

We use a variety of techniques to make sure that websites web build use generate high quality leads for a business by working on providing information the audience needs and helping them to trust a business is the right one for them to continue with.

The journey starts with techniques to optimise and increase the traffic at the site, and then to ensure the site is of interest and valuable enough to that audience that they’re willing to hand over their contact details to continue interactions with the business – whether that be something direct like a phone conversation, or something more subtle like signing up for a newsletter or downloading a useful document, then using that to further nurture the relationship with the audience, working towards closing the deal with those potential customers that would be otherwise lost.

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