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The term “branding” can be a difficult one to explain as different people have different perceptions of what makes up a brand.  The literal meaning refers back to the marking of an item to indicate its owner.

That concept of an identifiable mark that allows somebody to recognise the owner still underpins the meaning today.

Once a customer has recognised a brand, it forms a major step to start the relationship between the company and the audience to build recognition and trust, which ultimately leads to the sale.

Many people think that a brand and a logo are the same thing.  In truth, the logo is just one element of a strong brand and other design elements working together with the logo allow us to identify the owner.

If these things are done well, then individually or better still together, they become recognisable and identifiable as a brand:

  • ZLogo Mark
  • ZLogo Name
  • ZFonts
  • ZColours
  • ZPhotography & Images
  • ZPhrases
  • ZShapes
  • ZIconography

Whilst many branding projects start as part of a website-building project or even just a logo, branding can be added or extended to a business at any stage.

Don’t worry if you don’t yet have clarity as to what your brand is, not many businesses do at first!

We help clients discover what works best for their brand, extending beyond a logo to promote their business in order to appear recognisable, professional and trustworthy to their potential customers.

Your branding appears throughout all your marketing assets (which we’ll happily help design and create for you!) ensuring you have a consistent and coherent brand across all your marketing materials such as website, email, business cards, stationery, social media and signage.

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