Urban Haze Method

This is our signature methodology and it’s unique to Urban Haze!

It provides a simple, yet comprehensive, three-step online strategy for our clients.
This enables them to build a powerful online presence that works hard for their business and their investment.

On average, our web sites return four to five times the client’s investment within 12 months using this method


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Step 1 – Identify

You, Your Customers & Your Market


Website & Online Presence Audit

Full checks on website, both technically looking for things like slow pages or broken links and logically, looking for any roadblocks or potential audience confusion

Extending to any connected online presences like social media, connected sites, etc

Identify the Current Situation

Competitor & Market Analysis

Who the competition are, what strategies they’re using, how their prices and offers compare.

Who the audience is and what they’re looking for.

Identify the Market & Competition

Planning Business's Online Strategy

Short, medium and long term plan broken down into manageable, measurable phases that achieve results for the business, demonstrating a clear return on your investment

Identify the Next Steps

Step 2 – Solidify

Your Message, Branding & Image


Domain Name, Logo, Branding & Print

Our in-house designer brings over 20 years of creative experience to help you deliver a professional image to your audience.

Everything is considered together, even your domain name. 

This ensures you have a high-quality professional brand that not only makes your website stand out but is harmonised across all marketing materials.

Imagery, Photography & Video

Our award-winning in-house photographer has decades of experience in the commercial photography industry.

Bringing some of the best skills along with some of the highest quality equipment and software to ensure your business is shown in the very best light.

Look & Feel


Business Website

After more than 20 years of experience in the business of building websites, our appoach has been refined to ensure whether you have one website or more, they are specifically geared up to achieve your own business goals and those of your customers, whilst maintaining the latest Internet standards.

Click here to find out more about our tried and proven business website building process



Business Email

Even the simplest things like your outgoing email messages can be improved to help present a more professional business image to your clients, and encourage them to achieve your online goals

Social Media

Whether it be Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or any other social media, we’ll help ensure your online presences focus on achieving your business and customer goals whilst remaining interesting and attractive to your audience.

Mailing List

If you choose to have a mailing list then, again we use our experience to ensure it’s aim is to fulfil your business and customer goals, whilst ensuring it remains standards compliant so you’re not annoying your potential customers with spam.


Step 3 – Amplify

Your Presence & Performance


Paid Online Campaigns

Whilst SEO attracts 70% of search audiences, paid search attracts the remaining 30%.  We use a keyword strategy to select which words and phrases are most appropriate for paid search to maximise the ROI, whilst considering key external factors like market competition and audience numbers.

We work directly with Google to optimise your Google Ads Campaign

There are times when it may be appropriate to have a paid campaign on social media.

Our experience ensures your campaign is set up right to deliver the best audience and return on your investment.

Natural SEO Campaign

We take a strategised approach to look at what keywords and phrases are most appropriate for the business then work to improve Natural Search Engine Optimisation, attracting an audience that is only interested in things relating to your business.



Conversion Optimisation

Techniques used to maximise the chances of turning a website visitor into somebody achieving one of your set goals

Referral Machine

Techniques used to optimise existing clients, partners (and strangers!), referring new clients to you

Mailing List Campaigns

If used correctly, your mailing list can be one of your most powerful sales tools.

Used not only to bring existing customers back for repeat business but also as a way to rejuvinate old leads and find new customers.

Mailing lists offer a comfortable choice for customers to remain interested in your business whilst not necessarily buying immediately and offer you the opportunity to remind them you’re there when they’re ready to buy.

More Leads
& More Sales


Keyword Analytics
& Reporting

Marketing Plan & Audit

Mailing List Analytics
& Reporting

Social Analytics
& Reporting

Technical (e.g. Speed)

Competitor Analysis
& Reporting

Measure, Improve,
& Grow

Overall Analytics & Reporting

Sometimes too much feedback can be overwhelming!

We aim to work with you to refine reports to deliver just what’s needed as well as keeping an eye on things for you to make sure you don’t miss important changes and actionable items

Ongoing Features

Looking to the Future

Any Other

Experienced Support, Guidance & Communication

One of the key things you’re investing into with Urban Haze is experience.

We’ve worked with Corporate Blue Chip companies and small one-man bands alike.

No matter what the size of the client, they all get to take advantage of us having learnt what online solutions work most effectively online for different commercial requirements – so that’s not something you need to waste time and money discovering for yourself.

Stand Out

High Quality
Business Email

Electronic Proposal,
Terms & Contract


Mobile & Tablet

Documentation &
Video Tutorials

Customer Relationship

Project Management Tools



We’ve carefully chosen items here to extend Urban Haze’s service beyond the traditional standard website provision.

Care Plans

Ongoing services and features to look after all the technicalities of having a website whether that be hosting, updates, backup, security, domain renewals and countless other things – all taken care of for you, leaving you to focus on what’s most important:

running your business!

more on Care Plans here

Trusted Signage, Stationery and Printing Partners

Whilst our own niche is online marketing, we’ve also found that most clients need additional services that work alongside their online marketing, such as printing business cards and stationery or adding exterior and interior signs.

Over the years we’ve worked to see who does these jobs best and built up some great relationships with these trusted partners to provide high quality options of their related services to you at preferential rates.

All these services are offered to our clients and help make it an easy decision to choose Urban Haze to look after your online business.