Measurement & Feedback

Measurement & Feedback

We know what we do is effective and produces results that satisfy our clients again and again.  But you don’t need to take our word for that, as we’ve ensured a key part of our service is to set goals and then measure results for every client.

Measurement comes in many different forms and gives our customers incredibly valuable insights into how their websites are being used.  They can see, what works best and what needs to be improved and they can even gather direct feedback from their customers to refine both their website and their own business.

Web analytics and figures on their own can be confusing and mis-interpreted, so a key part of our service includes working out what goals a business has

From there we work out the best ways to measure each of the steps necessary to achieve those goals, ensuring we can always refine and improve those processes

And of course we measure the KPI figure of the final number of goal achievements – which is usually exactly what the business wants more of!

Whilst all of these statistics and results are available in immense depth, we take the time to work with each customer and help them get the reports that they want to show as little or as much information as they’d like ensuring they get just the insights they need into how their business is performing online.

Business Goals

The starting point of any business’s success online

Analytics and Statistics

Visitors, Devices, Referrers and deeper statistics measuring change over time

Keyword Ranking

Where are you and your competitors found in Search Engines

UI and UX

How your website looks and works for the audience

A/B Testing

Changing site content and measuring how it affects results

User Activity

Play Big Brother watching every click and scroll of your visitors


Directly generating feedback by asking audience questions

Uptime Monitoring

Ongoing measurement 24/7, checking everything is available

Each of these services provides a specific and unique kind of feedback for a business about different aspects of their online presence.

Sometimes it’s difficult to choose the right solution to ensure you remain well informed and not overwhelmed.  We specialise if guiding our clients to find the best solution to suit their specific business and needs.