Our Website Building Process

Step by step from a initial idea to go-live

Over the years we’ve refined our business website building process to ensure we absolutely understand what our clients need for their organisation.

Once we’ve got to the bottom of that, only then do we begin to look at how online solutions can work for them to achieve their goals.
This ensures we always provide a solution that’s producing a great return on the client’s investment into our process


Getting to know you

From initial meetings we build up a brief, which provides a comprehensive understanding of what you’re trying to achieve.
We’ll turn that into a proposal for you.

Your Sitemap

Next comes a sitemap which helps everyone see a great visual overview of what’s going to go into the site and how it all fits together

Your Wireframe

From here things get real as we turn your visual sitemap into an actual set of pages



Then we fill the wireframe with three kinds if content to make the site look, talk and work as a valuable part of your business:



Logo, branding and visual design elements are added to sit on top of your wireframe and the site begins to become personalised to your business


Text & Visuals

We collect together and add all the words, photos, videos and images tell your story to your clients, we’ll also provide any photography and videography if you need it.


Features are added that interact with your customers like contact forms, maps, shops and other dynamic elements help both your clients and you do business together online



Finally, we bring everything together, make sure it’s all tested and working, on tablets & mobile devices as well as desktop computers before handing over to you to sign off and go live