Diana Terry

About the Client

Diana Terry is a celebrated local artist whose paintings and collographic prints are about the landscape. They consider the narrative between humanity and the environment by recording the impact of industry in her area.

Di’s work has been shown in galleries across the country and gains in popularity all the time.


Having initially helped Diana get online many years ago, we’ve recently been asked to help refurbish the site, bring it up to modern standards, improve the design of the site and make it easier for Di to be able to make changes herself


The site has a great fresh new look, Diana’s now regularly making changes to her site herself and needs less and less help from us to be able to make day-to-day changes.  Since launch of the new site, it’s seen more traffic and popularity than ever before and continues to be a visual showcase for Diana’s stunning work, especially during Covid when galleries have been closed, this website has helped bridge the gap between art lovers and Di’s work during these unprecedented times.