McLintock’s Dairy

About the Client

McLintock’s Dairy are both a dairy farm and local Milk Delivery service that are family run and have been established since the 1930s


McLintocks asked us to help them come up and a logo and brand along with a a website that reduced the manual work they had taking customer requests as well as making it easy for new customers to sign up as well as existing customers make changes to their orders which has been critical during Covid.


McLintock’s website is now their primary method for their customers to get in touch and works 24/7 to support the business and help customers easily get their requests through to the business.

McLintock’s entire customer contact has shifted from what used to be manually managing calls and messages to automatically taking requests directly from the customer through the website and into the business’s management software.

The new logo and branding we created looks beautiful and is a fantastic representation of the business’s quality.  It’s found consistently across the business from the website, to the emails and and stationery, on the delivery vans right through to the bottles delivered on the doorstep.