Our Photography Process

Step by step from an initial idea to go-live

As a digital marketing agency, we understand the value of great photography. The old adage, ‘A picture tells a thousand words.’ couldn’t be more appropriate in this modern age of of on-line marketing and sales. When attention spans are often limited to a few seconds, a strong photograph can be the difference between success or failure.

Our photography process focusses on developing a clear understanding of our client’s requirements and needs. We achieve this by establishing a solid line of communication and a deep understanding of their aims and brief. We believe good communication and empathetic listening are fundamental to achieving success. 

New Projects

Following your initial enquiry, we’ll look together at the suitability of the project and its intention. We’ll outline the project’s, timescales and budget.

1st meeting

Our first meeting will develop a broad photography outline (scope) and identify what the purpose of the photographs is and who the intended audience are. We will begin to fix a timescale and assess the resources and accessibility needed to complete the project. Photography locations and photographic style will be explored along with output media, image size and quantity.


We will prepare a proposal which outlines the scope, price and everything agreed during the initial meetings.


Start to develop the brief

Collectively, we will identify how, when and where photography will take place. We will examine, in-depth, the subject, message, audience and display method. Decide when the shoot will happen and understand how that acknowledges the timescale, resources and accessibility.


2nd meeting

Together, we will review the agreed brief and arrange the shoot. 

The Shoot

At an agreed date and time, we’ll take the photos


Once your pictures are taken, the very next thing we do is ensure they’re backed up safely.


The Shoot

Together, we will review the shoot and edit the proofs


Post Production

From there we start post production with the very best industry tools like PhotoShop to make your images really shine


3rd Meeting

Collectively,  make the final selection



Finished images are delivered