Booklets & Magazines

Booklets and Magazines provide multi-page printed marketing materials that complement your business stationery, signage and online branded assets.

These are usually either A4 or A5 format, business brochures or event guides, but whatever your needs are, we’ll help create the design for your magazine, ensure it’s consistent and impactful and we can arrange printing and delivery to turn your idea into real-world results.

Our experienced design team use top-of-the range design tools to create multi-page booklets and magazines. 

Each year, as part of our support for the local community, we’re proud to create the programme for the Diggle Blues Festival.

Their A5 booklet usually has 40 or more pages of articles, photography, maps, schedules, sponsors and other important information related to the festival, all collated and designed by our team, giving the Festival a high quality, high value product that they sell hundreds of copies of, to help be one of their biggest fund-raising resources. 

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