QR Codes have grown in popularity recently to be something that’s recognised by most people these days, providing a connection between real-world printed materials and your online presence.

Most people know to simply point their smartphone’s camera app at a QR code and it’ll offer them a link to a webpage or online resource for further information.

This extends the value of printed materials and provides yet another source of traffic for your website.

Here are some of the popular examples of QR codes being used:

  • ZMarketing Leaflets linking to Online Ordering
  • ZProducts linking to Product Information Pages
  • ZBusiness Cards linking to Personal Details and mobile friendly contact details
  • ZEvent Signage linking to Maps and Stand Details
  • ZPosters linking to Apps and More Details
  • ZSignage linking to Public WiFi Access

QR codes continue to extend in flexibility and functionality, becoming more and more popular to help businesses extend their printed marketing materials.

We’ll help generate the right codes for you, include tracking and ensure they land at the best place to provide useful information to your audience.