Fix Broken WordPress

Get the experts in to solve your website problems

We Fix Broken WordPress Sites

With over 20 years experience of in building and fixing WordPress websites, we know that they occasionally have problems.

These problems don’t make your business look good in front of your customers, so they need to be resolved quickly and effectively.

That’s where Urban Haze comes in.
Over the years we’ve been asked to fix hundreds of broken WordPress websites whether it be small issues of just running a bit slow, or major site-wide breakdown issues, we’ve dealt with them all.

It’s something that’s become an area of speciality for us and we now get asked by other web agencies to fix their broken WordPress websites when they don’t have the skills in house to do it themselves.

One of the major causes of a broken WordPress website is updates – either doing them when you shouldn’t, or not doing them when you should.
It’s difficult to know what’s the right thing to do, as WordPress sites are very flexible, but built with lots of different software that doesn’t always play nicely together.  One update can conflict with other software and lead to pages with unhelpful error codes and messages that you probably don’t want your customers to see!


Existing Clients

All our clients are offered care plans which offer a number of levels of protection against these kinds of problems:

  • Multiple Hosting Environments
    To test things on a copy site first without showing it to the outside world
  • Managed Updates
    Checking sites before and after updates to make sure everything is working as expected
  • Regular on and off-site Backups
    So that there’s always a recent copy of things to go back to if there are problems

On top of that our in-house experts know WordPress in-and-out so can help directly tackle the cause of any issues to make sure they don’t happen again.


New Clients

If you’ve got a broken WordPress website that needs fixing, but you’ve not worked with us before, don’t worry, we can still help!

In the short term, we can fix your current site with your current hosting to get you back up and running as quickly as possible

Then, longer-term we can offer a care plan to help ensure that it doesn’t happen again!