Intranets are simply websites that that internal to a business and never seen by the outside world.  The only audience is your business’s staff and the Intranet is geared up to deliver useful internal business-related information for them that they can access instantly from any screen in the building.

Popular Intranet Content

  • ZInternal Business Announcements
  • ZStandard Operating Procedures
  • ZHandbooks and Training
  • ZPhone & Email Directories
  • ZForms (eg expenses/mileage claim)
  • ZStaff Lists & Organograms
  • ZHealth and Safety Information
  • ZBusiness Calendars
  • ZConvenient Links to business websites

Popular Intranet Functionality

  • ZFeedback & Form Delivery
  • ZHelpdesk
  • ZTraining Courses & Tests
  • ZInternal Communication Tools
  • ZForums
  • ZMeeting Room & Resource Booking
  • ZDocument Sharing
  • ZProcess checks and data collection

This is just a small selection of the more popular ones.  Ultimately, Intranets offer a great opportunity to provide useful information to your employees, it adds value to their role to give them resources that make their lives easier and improves Internal business efficiency.  Many of the features used today for public-facing websites work equally as well, if not better on business-internal-facing ones, meaning that Intranets can be created cost-effectively and produce a valuable return for you and your team.