If you’re the kind of business that has to meet your clients at times, then online appointment booking is a feature that’ll benefit both you and your clients.

These work best if you already have an online diary (eg Google Calendar or Office 365 Calendar)

Appointment tools can keep your diary details private, whilst exposing just your free slots to an online audience, allowing them to book an appointment with you that suits their schedule and yours, without ever having to speak to you directly.

Appointment forms can be configured to ensure there are no surprises for you with things like restricting hours or locations.  They can also integrate with other software like Zoom for online meetings and even take pre-payment online.

Online appointment booking ultimately helps to fill your diary’s empty slots with paying customers without you even needing to be awake!

We help clients set up their calendars and online appointment system, choosing the right solution that works for them and then integrating the solution into their website for easy customer access.