Business Goals

Understanding what a business is trying to achieve

Before we start any project, the first thing we do is work with the client to understand what goals they’re trying to achieve and what goals their audience are trying to achieve.

Those goals are always the very root of every further step we take on a project, ensuring websites are focused on generating results for the client and doing what the audience needs them to do.

Goals usually include things like:

  • Completing a Form (that generates a lead for the business)
  • Placing an Order (that generates a sale for the business)

But it should not be forgotten that goals could include other things that also bring secondary value to the business such as:

  • Visiting a specific page with an important message
  • Spending an extended amount of time browsing the site
  • Sharing on Social Media
  • Clicking out to Social Media Pages and other services

It’s not uncommon for these goals to be unclear at first – part of our expertise is working with clients to help them discover what goals would best serve their business.

Once the goals have been defined, we use the very latest analytical tools to measure goal completion, and then adjust and refine the client’s website and marketing to focus on further goal completion. 

Our Getting To Know You form is the best way for a business to tell us about their project and business goals