The Three Kinds of Website

Improve the effectiveness of your on-line presence

Level 1

DIY Site

Many small businesses start here.
They know they need a website, the business is new, budgets are tight, so they consider building a website themselves or getting a family member or friend to help.

Solutions like Wix and Shopify fit here.

Level 2

Web Designer Site

As companies grow, they realise their web presence, represents their organisation, and the low-cost, homemade option isn’t the best impression to give to their customers.

At this stage, businesses normally bring in a freelancer with a focused skill, such as a designer who’s got the experience to make their site look more professional

Level 3

Business Web Site

At this stage, companies realise their web presence has the potential to not just look better, but also work harder for their organisation and is capable of doing more than they originally thought.

Their online presence becomes an investment, and much like other valuable business tools, produces a return for the business.

This involves hiring a digital agency who start by looking at their business and finding digital solutions to their unique business requirements, providing expert guidance about where to best invest into their online marketing to get the best return.

Urban Haze is an award-winning Level 3 Agency.

We specialise in creating online presences that work hard for businesses and on average produce four to five times return on their investment.