Domain Names

Choosing Your Name Online and Protecting it

Domain Names for Your Business

Your domain name is the first thing people see, even before they see your website.
It’s used to identify your business on the web as well as represent you through your email addresses.
So choosing the right domain name to suit your business and branding is critical.

This is something we’ve helped countless businesses do and in some cases, their domain has become more synonymous with their business than their original company name!


What to avoid when buying domain names:


There are so many companies out there selling domain names, it’s very easy to think of them all being equal and just choose the cheapest, but that’s rarely the case…

Most companies selling domains will also sell other services, and many know that once you buy a cheap domain they can then tie you into longer-term commitments or up-sell you to buy their other services so they may offer something that seems too good to be true (and it likely won’t be!)

Make sure if you’re buying a domain yourself, you don’t end up buying any other inferior quality services you don’t want (such as hosting or email) and make sure you’ve got the flexibility to point your domain name wherever you want and can buy these things optionally and separately.

If in doubt, get in touch, we can help!
We can ensure that a domain is correctly registered for you in your name and look after all the technicalities for you.

    Here are our top tips when choosing a domain name:


    • Try to keep it less then five syllables.
    • If you can, avoid using hyphens or other punctuation.
    • Try to make it easy to spell and type (and remember!)
    • Domain names put words immediately next to each other, check the whole domain to make sure where the words meet, they can’t be easily misread or misinterpreted.
    • Check if other businesses are using similar domains.
    • Remember your domain name doesn’t have to be your company name.
    • It may be more appropriate to use a domain that mentions your products or services.
    • If possible register both the and .com domains.
    • Do consider other TLD’s (Top Level Domains) beyond and .com
    Domain Names

    The Harsh Reality of Domain Names


    Domain names have been around for more than thirty years and more people are buying domain names than ever before

    All three letter .com and domain names are already taken, as are most common words relating to popular industries and businesses

    Other TLD alternatives instead of .com and are available and new ones are being released all the time, but be careful, some of these started at less than £10 a year and now cost hundreds of pounds a year to renew.

    If you need help finding a domain name that’ll work well for your business, let us guide you.

    Managing Your Domain Portfolio


    Whether you have just one domain name or one hundred, it’s critical that they’re well looked after, renewed on time and are all pointing to the right place.

    You can register your own domain, or we can do it for you.  If you have an existing domain we can also transfer it to our domain management for you.

    If things like configuring Name Servers, DNS, IPS, A Tags, MX Priority, CNAMEs or Text Records are all a bit too complicated for you – don’t worry, our expert team will look after all the domain name configuration for you and ensure it’s all working smoothly and is correctly registered in your name and will be renewed for you without you having to lift a finger!

    All our maintenance care plans include Domain Name Management.