We use WordPress when building websites as we know it’s flexible enough to look however we want it to look, greater for Search Engine Optimisation and incredibly adaptable with tens if not hundreds of thousands of off-the-shelf software solutions that are pre-made to provide just about any need that a business could have.

And whilst that flexibility suits the vast majority of customers, sometimes there’s a need to do something a certain way that just doesn’t have a simple off-the-shelf solution.

At that point, custom development comes in, and we’re more than happy to provide the service to any client that needs it in order to create a solution that precisely matches their unique needs.

However, we’re also always going to do our best to research and then recommend any pre-made solutions to help the client if that’s a more cost and time-effective solution.

Development can vary vastly in scale, so we’d recommend a Discovery Session to understand your requirements.  Discovery costs just £299 and those fees can be offset against any future development work.

When we build any website, we break it down into three unique aspects:


Words and Pictures on the pages


Look and Feel of the whole site


Interactive Features on the site


Some people interchange the phrase “web design” with “web development”
But we like to encourage a clear differentiation between the two:


Web Design

This is the creation of a website, either from scratch or improving an existing one. The Design and the Content of the site are unique to the business.


Web Development

This is writing code to create functionality that’s bespoke and customised to suit a client’s unique business needs.