A/B and Multivariate Testing, sometimes known as “Experiments” is an advanced technique used to refine the content and layout of a website based on its actual real-world usage by visitors.

The techniques involve setting up Goals as the final business-critical results, then we present two (or more) different versions of the website to two halves of the audience and see which version delivers the best results in terms of the goals.

Multivariate testing extends that simple A/B model to make multiple changes to multiple parts of the audience and again see which ones produce the best results.

That way websites are built and improved with real-world users and potential customers and are constantly refining to just get better and better in terms of achieving business goals.

All our websites are built to support these techniques out-of the box.

Although it should be noted, these advanced techniques work best on websites with larger audiences (eg 1000k+ visitors per month) to ensure that results are based on multiple audience experiences and worked out as an overall average.