Social Media Setup

Setting up your social media correctly can be as difficult as setting up your website.  You want to appear with a professional image to ensure that your visitors will trust your business, and you want to make sure it’s done correctly so that you’ve not fallen into any of the common pitfalls, or made a terrible mistake that your customers may incorrectly judge your business on.

A common mistake is to use a personal Facebook profile page for a business.  Most social platforms, including Facebook, support business-specific profiles and features.  A Facebook Page will ensure that your business is represented as an organisation rather than you personally as an individual.  You’ll have the opportunity to separate your business and personal profiles online and separate the customers that like your business from your personal friends.

We offer social media setup services to help any business take full advantage of social media, have clear branded profile images and even setup social media marketing campaigns, ensuring that their business is presented professionally online and taking full advantage of every social media feature presented to them