When companies become too big

by | Mar 3, 2022

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The nature of most businesses is to grow.

Urban Haze itself has grown from a small one-man self-employed sole trader to a limited company, now with 2 full-time employees and wealth of carefully chosen contractors, partners and suppliers.

As things grow, there’s a need for organisation, automation and efficiency, which is great because they’re the things we help businesses do well.  But this is a double-edged sword.

These automations can sometimes get in the way and slow down a customer.

As a society, we all now accept being put on hold whilst waiting to speak to somebody.  We now accept a wait time on instant chat.  We accept automated and scripted responses to our questions.  We accept that a big company can only give us a broad half-day slot for an appointment

Whilst some of those things work for the majority of people, they don’t work for every case.

How the exceptions are handled is what separates bog-standard from exceptional.

If you’re a massive business that’s become too big, then you’re not bothered about dealing with the exceptions, you’re only going to cater for the masses.  The exceptions get left on hold, stuck in a loop or ignored.

But if you’re a dynamic and genuinely caring business, you’ll make time for the exceptions, you’ll go out of your way to meet their needs and you’ll put things in place to ensure that customer-facing systems and procedures can be improved.

For the exceptional audience out there the choice is clear – either knuckle down accept things are the way they are and some companies don’t actually care – or make a difference, look towards the smaller businesses and seek out the exceptional ones to help you.

At Urban Haze we strive to be exceptional ourselves and pick out exceptional partners to provide personalised and tailored services for our clients where there’s never a single size forced to try and fit all.

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