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Professional Website Maintenance & Security

We offer a range of WordPress care plans that are designed to take care of all the regular website maintenance & security that needs to be done to keep an online presence running optimally and securely.

From time-to-time websites have problems and our care plans simply ensure those problems get pre-empted and dealt with quickly with minimal disruption to your day-to-day business.

Some care plans offer additional services to ensure that we’re always available with support when you need us.

Website Maintenance

Where’s the best place to host your business’s website?

Take the worry out of making the choice and keeping up-to-date with the latest industry standards.

Our care plans look after all that and more.

Concerned about everything getting lost?

Our WordPress Care Plans provide, daily, weekly and monthly backups locally, plus off-site backups, as well as content revision backups, so you can always roll back and recover from a recent version of your WordPress web site.

Did you know 73% of websites are vulnerable to hacker attacks because they are not updated?

Our website maintenance and security plans ensure that all your website’s software is not only regularly updated but also tested after update to ensure you’re always up and running.

WordPress Website Maintenance Care Plans

Our wide range of care plans vary from client to client depending on their individual business requirements.  But here are some of the more popular services we offer:


Domain Name Management

Ensuring your name and brand is protected everything is registered in your name, all tags and settings are configured correctly and domains are renewed on time…  read more

Website Hosting

Choosing the right space on the Internet for your website to live on and meet the needs of your business and your clients


Regular copies of your site’s content and system settings to ensure things can be easily restored if there’s ever a problem


Websites get attacked, most owners don’t know.  We manage and block the attacks to keep you, your business and your customer’s information safe



It’s critical website software is updated regularly to prevent vulnerabilities and ensure compatibility with the latest online technology

Broken Link Testing

As you’re adding to your site and the system itself is being updated in the background, these changes can sometimes lead to broken links.  We test for these so they can be fixed before it becomes a frustration for you or your customers.


Hack Detection & Recovery

Sometimes, no matter how good the security, websites can get hacked through sophisticated attacks, password theft or trojan horses.  If it does, we work to clean & recover your site.

Software Licensing

Software costs and licenses need to be paid on time to the right people to ensure your site continues to run smoothly

Website Monitoring

Making sure things stay live and continue to look as they should, our monitoring detects any changes and lets us know so it can be acted on immediately


Branding Alerts

We monitor the Internet for your chosen keywords such as your brand name and product names to see where they’re being used and make sure it’s in your best interests


Content Creation & Maintenance

Looking after the words and pictures on your website on your behalf, creating interesting and engaging posts

Video Tutorials

Help and tutorials built directly into your website’s admin area giving you peace of mind that you can find instant help without even needing to pick up the phone.

SEO Monitoring

Watching how your keywords perform in major search engines like Google and creating a strategy to keep your site ranking above the competition

Website Support

WordPress websites need support.
We specialise in just this, to help our clients relax in the knowledge that their website is well looked after, and in the unlikely event of a problem, we’ll be there to put things right.

Our WordPress website maintenance plans are tailored to suit each customer’s individual needs.  They can be added to any WordPress website, not just ones built by Urban Haze.  We’re happy to work with your current supplier to find the perfect care plan that works for your business.

All Prices Exclude VAT

Each Care Plan can be customised to suit a unique business's requirements.

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